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Jun. 22nd, 2011 | 01:19 am
mood: happyhappy

 ...How the hell am I only finding out about Supernatural now? I feel like I've missed out majorly on a fandom, and now is the time to be doing some crazy catching up.

That's 88 episodes in two weeks. 44 more to go...

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public announcement

Apr. 6th, 2011 | 02:28 am
mood: chipperchipper

I am developing an interest in DBZ slash. 

God help me, this is stupid.

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white collar/SotT crossover

Dec. 24th, 2010 | 01:04 am
mood: amusedamused

Fandom: White collar/SotT
Pairing: Peter/Neal, Simon/Jeremy
Rating: G
Genre: Humour
AN: I can't get these two fandoms out of my head. Very sparse drabbles about potential scenarios, not a complete fic at all.

drabblesCollapse )

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(no subject)

Jul. 26th, 2010 | 03:55 pm
mood: angryangry


I've seen the character designs...there's no way they're not, and yet...they're not. Don't get me wrong - I love Dick and Wally, but I've seen them animated before. Plus. I want to see Tim/Kon friction, and they are denying us it. ;____; Can we...just as a collective fandom pretend that it really is Tim and Bart?


I think it's very telling when in an age where hardly anything gets me incensed anymore, that a silly little cartoon show can enrage me before it has even aired.

[Edit]: Okay. Squealing incoherent glee. Oh DC, my massive moodswings are completely your fault. I am so buying this asap.

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1sentence drabbles

Jun. 18th, 2010 | 01:30 am
mood: blankblank

Fandom: DCU
Rating: G
Pairings: Hints of Kon/Tim, Dick/Tim, mentions of Jason and Damien.
Summary: #36 Laugh: When Jason sees his Red Robin costume his laugh isn't pleasant, and his mouth tilts up into a cruel smile -- "You, Tim Drake, will always be impersonating one of us."
AN: I stole one of the tables from 1sentence , and used it as a meme to flesh out my writing style and characterisation for Tim. Lots of spoilers for recent issues, and a lot of references to previous issues. Roughly in chronological order, and lots of gen.

50 sentences on Tim DrakeCollapse )

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writing musing

Jun. 17th, 2010 | 01:51 am
mood: thirstythirsty

 Am finally back from the land of revision and exams and torture. :)

Anyway, I was reading some of my old stories way back when and sometimes I feel like...I wish I could revert back to my old writing style. D: I think I've tried to develop a more prosaic style and over the years it's become a mix of something that I don't quite like. I kinda like the old days where I didn't really focus on my writing style, but instead tried to introduce more humour and shorter sentences. I think it's most apparent in my one-shots, where I don't really care about the plot, so I get to just write whatever I feel like stuff without worrying about long flowing sentences that link together. Whereas with my more recent stuff I feel like the prose is just...prose and the words just feel dead. :/ I dunno. Maybe I should work on my characterisation a bit more, or something.

Then again, I haven't been writing as regularly as I once did and maybe it's a case of practice makes perfect. Eeh. 

On the other hand, most of the fandoms I'm following at the moment simply don't inspire me to write. I fangirl them a lot, but I'm either slightly intimidated by the fandom, or I feel like canon just doesn't lend itself well to fanfiction. No wonder I've been looking at original slash a lot more recently, but I think that even more so, requires well rounded characters and good plotty storylines.

*goes off to look at some writing meta*

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Jun. 4th, 2010 | 02:32 am
mood: accomplishedaccomplished

Icons, because I was bored. :) 10 DCU icons, and 4 Dr Who icons.



icons under cutCollapse )

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(no subject)

May. 21st, 2010 | 03:21 pm
mood: anxiousanxious

"omg exams. i'm going to fail. lol."

Sometimes, my brother just sums things up perfectly.

[/pointless post]

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in which Juli ignores ALL RL and the fact we're HUNG for some good old fashioned fangirling...

May. 8th, 2010 | 03:44 am
mood: awakeawake

Oh my god. I will now proceed to fangirl over the latest Ookiku Furikabutte chapter now.

A simple summary of Oofuri would probably be: "bullied boy regains his confidence and personality after joining a new baseball team." But it's so much more. Mihashi is bullied throughout his school years because of his seemingly abysmal pitching skills before he decides to join another school to save his team the trouble of having him as their pitcher. His personality is almost nonexistent, he has no self confidence, but he still has his love of baseball and pitching. Enter Abe, an overbearing, bossy catcher who has transferred to the same school, in an attempt to escape his previous pitcher and to play baseball his own way. He cannot stand Mihashi's personality, and gets constantly irritated by him, but he realises that Mihashi has an unrivalled talent for locating his pitches.

Slowly, the two form a battery, and gradually, Mihashi regains his confidence as he realises that as long as Abe is there, telling him how to pitch, he'll be able to get strikes. Abe on the other hand, wants a pitcher that will never shake his head at his signs, and Mihashi promises him he'll never do so, because he doesn't want to lose Abe as his catcher. Hence, Abe makes a promise to Mihashi, promising he will never get injured in order to support Mihashi forever.

And this happens.


cut for spoilers and LOVECollapse )

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the general election

Apr. 30th, 2010 | 02:59 am
mood: angryangry

 So. The general election. Thoughts and frustrations below, because venting to my friends always elicit argumentative responses, and I rather like arguing with a medium that cannot talk back. Then again, anyone on my flist is welcome to come and join in, I'm quite interested what you guys think/disagree with. :) Um. Though I may get quite opinionated and potentially offensive in this. Just a warning.

a list of things to do with politics.Collapse )

And as a final side note, not related to politics but with dealing with my friends (or certain friend), I resent being told what to think. I don't mind debate, but when it's a matter of opinion, and not fact, I believe in being allowed at least to form my own conclusions. I also resent and hate it when I share and tell them about my experiences and then am told that I am wrong and that they know better than I do because it couldn't possibly happen by law - and I would agree, if I hadn't experienced it myself. Arrogant, condescending and smug. I was so close to blowing a fuse tonight I don't know how much more passive aggressive I can be. (Purposely vague, because if I continued typing, it would take me another hour to write it all out again...)

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(no subject)

Apr. 16th, 2010 | 03:33 am
mood: busybusy

Battlestar Galactica. I cannot believe I stopped watching you last year and only decided to continue this year. Halfway through revision period. Last year it was Criminal Minds, this year it is BSG and Bones. I jump ship so often and regularly that I don't think I'm capable of keeping my fandoms straight anymore. :P I do love the Sam/Kara/Lee dynamic, but I don't think I'll be writing for this series. The characters and the world seem very well fleshed out, and I've realised recently that I don't tend to write for series when I am completely satisfied with just watching and enjoying it. Oofuri is also picking up my interest again since the second season of the anime is out. 
As usual though, am currently very busy trying to revise and catch up with all I've missed. I would say I've covered about half the stuff I need to do in the Easter holidays, with about half left to do in one week. It's doable, with immense self will and no distractions.

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fanart for a rainy day...

Mar. 20th, 2010 | 12:35 am
mood: cheerfulcheerful

 And to make up for a lack of activity and some drawing in preparation for the next Batman and Robin issue:

Fandom: DCU (Batman)
Rating: G
Characters: Bruce, Tim, Dick, Jason, Damien
AN: Batfamily tensions, also found on my deviantart account.



batfamily tensions...Collapse )



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Mar. 19th, 2010 | 01:48 am
mood: awakeawake

Happy Birthday LB! :D <3

Sorry this is so late. D:

Notes on my life and obsessions atm:

1. White Collar. The beauty of this man is astonishing. *points to icon* He's gay. ;___;
2. Still working on my Batman fic. Completely lost atm with Writer's block, but I am holding out the best I can. 
3. Lee Tergesen is kind of amazing. Even if the writers of Law and Order SVU kinda suck.
4. I want to draw like Jo Chen.
5. Wonderfully drawn webcomic.
6. Slashy canonical House/Wilson makes me want to watch it again. :D Acting like a gay couple? Yes please.

And is it just me or is LJ not working properly for you guys either? I am not able to c&p into the rich text box. ;___;

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Jan. 25th, 2010 | 11:27 pm
mood: happyhappy

 University swallows up my life. Makes it all depressing. So I bring joy to my journal.

SQUEECollapse )

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oh dear

Jan. 10th, 2010 | 03:43 am
mood: chipperchipper

*snorts* Okay. :) Amused now.

Meme gacked from lb_x 

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christmas and semi-historical fiction

Dec. 26th, 2009 | 11:19 pm
mood: accomplishedaccomplished


Much love to everyone in the holiday season - especially to lil_blossom  who sent me an amazing hairclip and photo frame. (Though I am slightly confused. Why did you send me the notebook and letter back? I remember sending that to you for your xmas gift a few years ago.) But nevermind. Enjoy your gift below.

Title: Retribution
Fandom: Original
Rating: PG
Summary: Just how far will a prince go to achieve his revenge?
AN: For lil_blossom . A bit odd for a xmas gift, grant you, but I drew the character first and this...kinda just followed <3  

There is a battlefield, and there are men, fighting.Collapse )

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(no subject)

Dec. 20th, 2009 | 11:49 pm
mood: thirstythirsty

( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )

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the hitman slashed with the afro-cow...

Dec. 20th, 2009 | 01:27 am
mood: awakeawake

Oh god please help me. Hitman Reborn! is now my newest drug of choice.

Reborn/Lambo, more specifically. 

I think I go through fandoms at the speed of light.

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diary of a fangirl...

Dec. 16th, 2009 | 05:50 pm
mood: amusedamused with self
music: megaman x OST

I need to revise an epic amount this Christmas. By epic, I mean even more so than last year, and to the extent where I have rewatch every single lecture I can because I missed them the first time around.

So what do I do? I start watching Pokemon.

Old school Indigo-league Pokemon.

And also, because I'm still on this old fandom kick at the moment, I start looking around at Megaman/Rockman (which I am going to write for, I swear), and then that leads to the newer Naruto episodes (which I swore I would never touch again but ITACHI/SASUKE!battle) and then to Hitman Reborn because gosh, aren't Lambo and Reborn (and Tsuna) cute?

...It seems that just when I think I'm starting to grow up and lose my interest in all things anime, something comes up and drags me right back in there again. <3

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(no subject)

Dec. 7th, 2009 | 01:27 am
mood: chipperchipper

Thank you for the v-gifts lovelies! :) I know I haven't been online very much, but we're nearly finished for Christmas holidays and I'm in a festive mood due to the early celebrating.

So. Pre-Christmas gifts are in order. (Plus the fact I need to practice my writing again.)

Feel free to request drabbles/fics/art from any fandom you know I am familiar with (and if I'm not familiar with them, introduce me. :P)

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